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How is your year progressing?

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Firm News

How is Your Year Progressing?
We are now in Georgia moving into “back to school” mode. Summer has moved quickly and fall is fast approaching. While we still have plenty of summer days remaining, at least in the work and school sphere fall is quickly coming. Thinking back on the first of the year, did you make any un-kept resolutions? Of course, we all most likely did.

Ever Feel Like You Are in a Corner?
Every business deal involves risk and litigation always involves risk. Frequently, opposing parties and even those across the negotiating table want the other side to feel they are backed into a corner. This lends itself to a belief of a superior negotiating position. How do you get yourself out of that position? Do you need a quick resolution to avoid what appears to be a looming disaster? Understanding all options and what actually created the position is important to understand. In August of 216 BC, the Romans thought they had Hannibal backed into a corner expecting a final defeat. For the Romans, this was far from the truth and the surprise is still relevant today.

Hiring Your Attorney by Alicia Dearn
As with many of our articles and posts, having an attorney can save later problems and provides long term savings. Alicia is well respected in San Diego, California and Clayton, Missouri. This is a great article on having your own general counsel and provides a cost effective way of engaging a firm to be that general counsel. She provides some insight and warnings about online services as well as using unqualified personnel. As we have said all year, your attorney should be your most trusted confidante.

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