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Getting Answers in the Age of the Internet

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Firm News

While information is vital to success, the internet contains a massive amount of data, both correct and incorrect. This can easily lead one to a false sense of security based upon information obtained with a few keystrokes. Search engine programmers spend their entire day trying to provide relevant information. At the same time, the search engine optimization services attempt to push these searches to pages which are frequently not relevant and quite often inaccurate.

One could easily go wrong by self-diagnosis of health conditions through obtaining information that appears to come from the Mayo Clinic. Is that really a substitute for a personal visit to your trusted physician? A physician that knows the patient from life-long care, that has a wealth of information and that stays informed with a host of other experts is beyond monetary value. Think of how often people that you know have avoided seeking preventive care or office visits for medical conditions which turned out to be serious resulting in unnecessary costly hospital visits and sometimes devastating consequences. This is the lurking danger of the internet as one can self-help by handling issues based information derived in order to save money. This cost-savings action can easily result in costs a hundred fold and quite frequently an unsolvable problem.

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