Client-Oriented and Results-Driven Business Solutions

Our Commitment

Our commitment is straight forward. We make five solid promises once we are willing to take on a client. Our goal is to keep our clients for life and to maintain a relationship as a trusted confidante. What we promise is:

  1. You will receive a one-on-one approach with a partner handling your matter. While we use associates and assistants where necessary, the partners in our firm deal with matters directly. This is very important because we have a combined century’s worth of experience. This provides us with unique insight into the discovery of details that are necessary to resolve cases, negotiate contracts, properly advise our clients and counsel their business.
  2. You will receive proper preparation. We spend a lot of time working on the details of all our clients’ matters. This means that we will properly prepare and be extremely thorough. We do not do this based upon a cheap set of fees so that we can have the proper time and proper preparation to put into any matter that a client brings.
  3. We will be responsive in a timely manner. We will respond to you and respond to all your necessary matters in the proper time. What this means is that we will handle things within the proper deadlines and handle matters within the proper time that we promise.
  4. You will receive answers. We cannot promise that you will get the answers that you want, but you will receive answers to the matter. We believe that there is a solution to every problem. This is a matter of finding the right answers, coming up with predictive results and determining what is best suited for the client.
  5. You will receive return emails and phone calls from the partners. If you contact us, we will contact you directly within the time that we are allowed presuming that we are not away from the office or in court. We respond to our clients’ emails as well as our clients’ phone calls. We do prefer the phone call method because all answers can be properly addressed as emails quite frequently leave out pertinent information.

Our relationships with our clients are multi-faceted. Many are used to á la carte business services that are basically “pay as you go” and “pay for need.” We have some clients that are strictly on an as-needed basis, which requires investing time and effort to catch back up to understand client’s needs and goals in those situations. There are other opportunities for clients to have an ongoing relationship.

We have three preferred methods that we offer to our clients. A priority client is one that can call when there is trouble and knows that we will be there to assist. A private client is a client with whom we have frequent contact and meet quarterly to address all their individual business needs. A third type of client is a general counsel client where we are available 24/7 and meet frequently with these clients, including all aspects of their needs. With general counsel clients, we are able to address all of the known and unknown potential legal issues and pitfalls in every aspect of our client’s individual and business life.

Aside from the three preferred methods, a fourth brand of service involves just paying as you go and as necessary. The preferred brand of services provide varying discounts for other services which can in the long run be substantially cost-saving.

Three primary bands of service are the priority client, the private client and the general counsel client. We tailor plans to the client’s needs.