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Our Fees And Services

Attorney’s Fees

The old-fashioned way of charging fees is strictly an hourly basis and in some circumstances a flat fee or contingency arrangement for certain types of cases. Contingency arrangements are generally handled by attorneys where liability of a claim is certain, but the damages are not certain. The fees under those circumstances are based on the recovery for the client’s desires and goals along with our capability of providing the needed services for the client. We have alternate fee arrangements in many circumstances.

For a quote for fees, contact the managing partner, Stephen Fuller, at 770-622-4700 or email the firm.

Full Business Services

We will provide services on an hourly basis; however, many clients use us consistently for legal needs. We offer a variety of levels of additional services charged monthly so the client never feels on the clock.

Priority Client

A priority client is one that can call when there is trouble and knows that we will be there to assist. We offer these clients phone consultation and document review as part of a monthly fee.

Private Client

A private client is a client with whom we have frequent contact and meet quarterly to address all their individual business needs. Planning sessions are conducted annually to address business organization and planning. These clients also receive phone consultations and document review as needed. In addition, these clients receive in person consultations on an as needed basis.

General Counsel Client

These clients are essentially general counsel clients where we are available 24/7 and meet frequently with these clients, including all aspects of their needs. With general counsel clients, we are able to address all of the known and unknown potential legal issues and pitfalls in every aspect of our client’s individual and business life. Included in this work is transactional work, document review, document drafting, meetings, organizational structure, review of Standards and Operations, intellectual property protection, asset protection, labor issues and includes certain litigation matters.

Consultation Charges

For clients that desire to retain our services on an ongoing basis or for litigation matters, we offer the initial consultation without charge. This consultation is designed to determine to what extent we can offer services and to determine fee arrangements. For single consultations that require advice for a specific situation and in most circumstances we will apply the consultation fee towards any future service. On some occasions clients need a single service and only consultation. We offer such services at a reasonable charge.

Transactional Work

In most circumstances, we can quote a flat fee to cover transactional work. Many times this includes necessary business set up and documents necessary to complete the transaction. Sometimes these situations are handled on an hourly fee due to negotiations. For the substantial majority of these circumstances, we are able to save the client hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in our negotiations and document review.


Contingency Cases

These cases are accepted where liability is clear and damages are excessive. There must be the ability to collect such as in the case of large business or insurance.

Single Fee Cases

Some cases are predictable enough that we can set a flat fee for the case in its entirety. These should be seriously considered as the client will often spend more on an hourly basis arrangement.

Uniform Fee Cases

In lieu of hourly billing, we offer clients the opportunity for our full services in litigation matters on a uniform monthly fee with set stages through the litigation.

Personal Matters

Most needs of our clients can be handled on a quoted flat fee such as asset protection, wills, trust, estates and consultations.

For a quote for fees, contact the managing partner, Stephen Fuller, at 770-622-4700 or email the firm.