Client-Oriented and Results-Driven Business Solutions

Advantage Of Extensive Business Transactions Experience

These cases are just examples of the types of cases and matters we handled. This is not an exhaustive list and we have simple brief descriptions. We do not list the actual case names due to client confidentiality. We provide a generic case description for illustrative purposes as we take our duty to clients extremely seriously. What greater confidential relationship exists in this country besides that of an attorney and his client? What greater sin is there than to breach that relationship? Many of our clients are well known, and many of the cases we have been involved in have made the news; it is our approach not to list those here. Also, many times settlements of actual cases are confidential due to the requirements of a settlement agreement. As another example of using generic descriptions, Walt Disney could not have purchased so many orange groves in central Florida had his attorneys not kept the confidentiality.

Business Transactions

Our business transactions experience is extensive. The firm has been involved in excess of $100 billion in transactions. We engage in small to medium size business sales, mergers and acquisitions. Whether it is the sale of several hundred restaurants to the acquisition of a small business, our attorneys are equipped to handle the transactions. We offer complete services that include real estate transactions, acquisitions, contract negotiations, tax planning, organizational structure and transfer. There is no situation too unique or even too common for our attorneys. We are solution-driven and client-oriented.

Business Litigation

We are able to draw from decades of experience and solve our client’s problems. We focus on the details and roll up our sleeves to comprehend all issues of the matter. Our litigation specialty is litigation itself. Every case is unique to the jury and frequently the judge. What matters most is understanding the problem and the client and knowing how this can be taught to the judge and jury.

Personal Injury

We have successfully handled more than a thousand cases involving a range of injury claims from catastrophic injuries, life-changing injuries, wrongful death and serious injury claims. We are fully prepared to deal with any insurance carrier, self-insured company or jurisdiction. We represent clients throughout the Nation and are engaged by attorneys nationally to act as local counsel in all the Georgia state and federal courts.

Real Estate And Construction Litigation

We have represented countless clients with issues pertaining to real estate and construction. Some of these matters include the sale and transfer of $100 million worth of restaurant locations, end-user real estate, and business sales, to name a few. If you have a real estate or construction litigation need, we can handle it.

Real Estate Transactions

We have been successful in litigation involving construction issues, development issues and land use issues. We represent developers, builders, contractors and on occasion homeowners. We have been involved in numerous cases in the courts as well as mediation and arbitration of these cases. Our experience has given us unique knowledge of most construction and development practices as well as the industry experts in north Georgia. We have a working relationship with a number of these experts who are many times necessary to assist you in this type of litigation.