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Representative Service For Automobile And Aviation Accidents

These are the type of cases that we handle. This is not an exhaustive list and is simply to give a brief description. Actual clients’ names and cases are not listed due to client confidentiality, unlike some law firms. We simply provide generic descriptions for illustrative purposes as we take our duty to our client’s confidentiality extremely seriously. There is nothing greater than client confidentiality to exist in this country. Many times there is confidentiality in the cases, and the clients do not need their names published on social media. Our approach with clients is to help the client with our vast experience and not to promote ourselves.

Personal Injury Example Cases

We have successfully handled more than a thousand cases involving a range of injury claims from catastrophic injuries, life-changing injuries, wrongful death and serious injury claims. We are fully prepared to deal with any insurance carrier, self-insured company or jurisdiction. We represent clients throughout the nation and are engaged by attorneys nationally to act as local counsel in all the Georgia state and federal courts.

The type of cases that we handle deal with civil rights and personal injury with extreme injuries. We devote a substantial amount of time to our clients and screen the type of cases that we handle. If it is something that do not handle, most likely, we are able to provide a referral.

  • Automobile accidents. We have handled more than a thousand cases involving injuries from automobile accidents including very serious injuries, multiple car accidents and sometimes questionable liability. We have received top verdicts in Georgia in such cases. These cases involve clear types of automobile accidents including multiple car accidents where liability is sometimes questionable and, often, serious injuries or wrongful death claims that are rejected by the insurance company.
  • Aviation. We have handled multiple cases regarding aviation which in most circumstances are the result of pilot error.
  • Civil rights. We have represented a number of clients with respect to civil rights cases. While we support all law enforcement, circumstances arise where civil rights are violated through a serious wrongful incarceration and/or inappropriate shooting and/or injury of a victim by a law enforcement agency. These cases are not only difficult to prosecute as a plaintiff but also result in life-changing events.
  • Life insurance claims. Often a wrongful death occurs that results in a beneficiary wrongfully obtaining life insurance proceeds for a number of reasons. These can range from an actual criminal prosecution or suspicion to the extent that the wrong can be proved civilly but not criminally. We have helped rightful heirs obtain the life insurance against those who engage in wrongful acts.
  • Motorcycle accidents. We have represented clients with respect to motorcycle accidents with an automobile. We have also represented clients with respect to product liability on motorcycles and have obtained substantial sums of money on behalf of clients because of mechanical failures.
  • Premises liability. We have obtained substantial results on behalf of numerous clients with respect to problems that occur on premises. These range from defects that cannot be seen to failure to have adequate security.
  • Product defects. We represent a number of clients with respect to serious injuries resulting in a product defects including everyday products such as hand tools, propane tanks and motor vehicle defects.
  • Truck accidents. We have represented a vast number of clients throughout the Southeast with respect to trucking accidents including truck drivers killed or serious injured by other truck drivers.